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Safes and Vaults



From safes to vaults and from safe deposit boxes to security cabinets, our American made products range from introductory, basic security levels to highly customizable, maximum protection thresholds against explosives and diamond core drills.
All Hamilton Safe branded safes are still 100% made in the USA. With four manufacturing facilities all within the Cincinnati, Ohio area, you can be sure your safe is of the highest quality.

Composite Safes
As an alternative to steel, composite safes have a body and door consisting of thin steel forms filled with high performance aggregate.

High Security Safes

Hamilton Safe TR/TL safes are the ultimate in high security safes, UL rated to withstand 30 minute attacks using both torch and tools.​

Steel Plated Safes​
UL listed steel plate safes are designed to meet the highest of security standards for businesses such as financial institutions, jewelers, pharmacies, retail stores, and numerous other industries.

- Custom Built Vaults. High-security vault rooms and vault doors certified up to Grade XII. 

- Modular Vaults. Certified vault rooms which can be built to requirement, either as a stand-alone structure or to secure an existing room.

- Storage Cabinets. ​​Built with sheet steel body and a boltwork that is protected by a relocking system for added security, these are no ordinary storage cabinets.

 - ​Safe Deposit Boxes. Automated and mechanical safe deposit boxes.

Transaction Drawers

Hamilton's Transaction Drawers provide the perfect combination of ease-of-use with maximum secured protection. Two available models, the standard 400DD and the oversized DCD-18 each are UL Level 3 rated and constructed of rugged, maintenance free stainless steel.

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